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Ce ventilatoare industriale axiale produce SAVEB?

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In afara ventilatoarelor centrifugale, SAVEB mai produce si ventilatoare axiale. Acestea sunt de uz general, cu paletele rotorului fixe (VRS) sau reglabile la oprire si de uz specific cum sunt cele pentru agricultura, respectiv pentru aerisire silozuri (VAP 560- 1000 M), cele navale cu rotorul turnat din aluminiu (VAN 560), pentru metrou (VM 18), pentru tuneluri sau pentru tubulatura (VAT 630).

  • VAT 630
    VAT 630
  • VAP 560M
    VAP 560M
  • VAN 560
    VAN 560

Deasemenea SAVEB mai produce si ventilatoare axiale speciale, asa numitele VPV, care au paletele reglabile in mers sau VPA, cu paletele reglabile la oprire, confectionate din aluminiu, ambele tipuri destinate utilizarii in industriile chimica si petrochimica. Din aceeasi gama fac parte si ventilatoarele VT, care au paletele reglabile la oprire si confectionate din polyester armat cu fibra de sticla, destinate turnurilor de racire a apei recirculate.

  • VPA
  • VAS
  • confectionare pale VPV
    confectionare pale VPV

Va multumesc si va astept sa ne intalnim in paginile viitoare. Sau si mai bine, la noi, la fabrica…

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    • Administrator says:

      Hi Alisa!
      Thank you for your comment, proving that you visited the site and the articles on the blog. Since they are in Romanian, I really wonder how did you understand them.
      As you see, there is also an English version of this site, buy it is not complete yet, I’m working on this and hope I shall post the articles on the blog and other details in English soon.Since we offer specialized ventilation products for industrial needs mostly, you realize that people outside Romania must understand correctly the products and services we offer.
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      Thank you for visiting the site and for your proposal. Please visit the site and the articles on the blog from time to time and give me some feedback or ideas. I’d be delighted to read them.
      So,keep in touch!
      Yours sincerely,

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